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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A New Home

Sorry I haven't been on here lately...I have just moved into a new apartment!   My cat and I both love the new place.   It's a nice one-bedroom in an older building.  I'm upstairs and I have my own entrance and stairway.  Hardwood floors, a small balcony porch, comfortable sized rooms. (Except the bathroom... good thing I'm not too prissy!)  In-town, a mile from work, close to family members.  If I ever get it in shape and decent looking, I'll post some pictures.  Right now it still looks like a bombshell went off.  LOL.  I suppose that happens when most of your stuff has been in the last house 20-35 years.  I was in my parents house before here.  They were ill the last few years, and my daughter and I stayed with them.  When I moved, we just threw things in boxes and I'm trying to sort it all out. honor of my new place, I've made some "home" themed wordarts for you.  Hope you enjoy them!



  1. Thank you for the WA. Your new apartment sounds cozy and charming! Good luck! :0)

  2. Wonderful WAs thank you. Good luck in your new apartment:-)

  3. I will be using these soon! Thank you!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful set.

  5. Thanks for your word art..


  6. thank you and good luck with the appartment

  7. WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME "J"!!! May you find many blessings, the making of happy memories, and much inspiration for your creative spirit in your new surroundings.
    Thank you for the Home-themed word art. It's greatly appreciated.
    Sending kind thoughts, Enjay xo


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