Unless otherwise noted, the freebies available on this blog are for personal use only. Please contact me before any other use. Do not redisriubute without permission.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wicked good wordart

Today I have an element/wordart to share with you.  It was originally supoosed to be part of a kit, but then I changed my mind.  So, I'm sharing it today, all on it's own.  Hope you can use it somewhere.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday again...

...and that means another wicked good Wednesday!  Sorry, today's  freebie is just going to be a little one, I found it on my files and decided to share it with you.  Plus, I have some kind of bug that has gotten hold of me pretty good today.  So... not feeling up to much today.  Fooey.  I'll probably go veg out after this.  Movies and a cup of tea.  with honey.  Until next week, enjoy this one (courtesy of the song "It's Five o"clock Somewhere"):

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wicked good wednesday!

Hopefully today will start a new venture for my blog:  Wicked Good Wednesdays!  LOL!

Maybe not every Wednesday, but I am going to be trying to put new freebies up on Wednesdays either here on this blog, or on my other blog,

For those of you not fluent in "Maine talk", wicked is used all the time up here.  It usually means "extremely" i.e. "wicked good",  wicked bad", "wicked awesome".  Sometimes it is used by itself, as in the phrase "that ride was wicked!" 

Sorry, fans of the Broadway show "Wicked", but we here in Maine have been using the word "wicked" all our lives.  :)

Anyhow, here is the first wicked good freebie:  a cute little kit called "Cross My Heart".  I love the pinks and greys together.  Hopefully some of you will like it too.  The download is available all in one file,  as well as in split up files.  I did split the previews up, however, to make them easier to see.