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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Heads up...

Just a quickie note here...if you go to this website,,  4 of the wordarts in the patriotic  pack she is giving away will look familiar to you if you are a regular to my site. She says they are HER designs.   And she even has a note on the blog saying that if anyone wants to use them for commercial use, to contact her about it, and to pay for HER designs.

 Unfortuntely, I will now have to put a  discalimer on my blog in regards to my wordarts, etc. 

I have always enjoyed making wordarts and other items as freebies.  I'm just disapppointed that someone would try to make money off of my work.  Although I think what bothers me the most is that she is claiming them as her designs, and to have the nerve to ask for money for herself for my designs.  *sigh* 

I will continue to make freebies, anyway.  Just wanted to vent a bit.

(oh, by the way...while I prefer that my freebies be personal use,  I don't mind if my wordarts,etc are used for scrap for hire pages as long as there is some sort of note that the items were put together by someone else.    I'm just disappointed in this particular usage.)


  1. That's horrible. The rest of the art in the pack is from another wordart designer who also gave away the wordart for free. I posted a comment on her blog but I'm sure it won't be published. Sad that people do things like this.

  2. I noticed there were other designers as well. The first two words on her bio are "I'm Christian." Nice.

  3. Just removed the link. Sorry about that, and hope everything is ok.


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