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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hey, just want to let you know-- I haven't forgotten the December kit-- it is sitting here on my computer, waiting to be uploaded. Unfortunately, since I waited until the last minute, my internet connection is acting up, and being very ssslllloooooooowww. (not only can I not upload my files,but downloading is slow too.) Kinda like me, LOL. Hopefully I'll get it up for you pretty soon. Like I am every month, I'm amazed at the colors I can find in Mother Nature's pallette for my colors for the kits! I think you'll like this one.

Speaking of slow...I just found out yesterday that I am anemic AND I have hypothyroidism. What a combo! It sure explains a lot of things. Maybe once I get my iron back up and start taking my thyroid meds for a couple of weeks I'll see a difference. I guess I'll have to take thyroid meds all the time now, and keep getting regular check-ups. *sigh* No more "oops, I skipped my physical this year" for me.

Well, I'm going off to catch some New Year's Eve shows...I hope all of you have a good New Year, and I'll try to see if my internet is any better tomorrow.

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