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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Retrun to Pooh Corner Word Art

I love the last verse of "Return to Pooh Corner", so I made it into a word art. I did change one word though, "boy" to "hey", so it could fit either a mother or a father. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kit-Summer Solitude


(to see more of this kit, keep reading!)

Hey there! I'm back in the land of the living! I've spent most of this summer not feeling well--bad weather triggers migraines in me, and -guess what!- that's all we've been having this summer. Every day, the weather report is the same: more rain. I'm beginning to think I've stumbled onto the movie set of Groundhog Day.

In order to make up for so few posts lately, I'm bringing you all a special kit I made as a freebie. :) This kit reminds me of when I was a little girl, and we would spend summer vacation at my grandparents' cottage on a saltwater river. We literally walked across the street to the beach. Years later, my uncle had a home on a ocean cove, and we would go for rides in his boat and breathe in all that wonderful salt air. The colors I used for this kit were taken directly from a photo I took this year down near my grandparents' old cottage.

I included some word art for this kit--the title is a word art, too. The word arts are in the kit.

And I made a quick page, included in the kit:

Here are previews of the papers and elements separately:

A couple of the papers don't really show up too well in the preview--here they are:

PLEASE NOTE: In no way shape or form do I claim credit for the use of other designers' commercial use items (some purchased, some free) when I make my kits. They are all wonderful and talented, and without their talents and generosity, I would not be able to create many of the items in my kits. For the sake of these designers, please be respectful and do not share or pirate these items. Thank you.

Drop shadows are for preview purposes only.